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Let's Buy British

All our Biscotti are British Born and Bred and are packed full of flavour. They are also softer and easier to eat than their Italian cousins and with such a wide range of flavours to choose from you will love Great British Biscotti !Great British Biscotti Co started life in 2016 to reinvent a Biscuit that has lacked any innovation for 2000 years since the Romans invented their hard Almond variety. We now have over 20 flavours that are buttery and packed full of flavour and easy to eat.We have the Worlds First range of Savoury Biscotti that are a delightful snack on their own or as an accompaniment to any cheese or charcuterie board, canapé base of Croutons for soups and Salads.



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For decades the "Made in Britain"  stamp was a symbol of quality for others to match up to and with more wealth generated around the world we find British is sought after even more so.
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