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Fig Bags was the brainchild of Krystina Reynolds, having developed a passion and then a career in photography Krystina was faced with a recurring problem. Everywhere she went she was carrying two bags, one for her camera and one for the rest of her daily items.Whether she was out on location, in the studio or with the family the problem persisted. On top of this traditional camera bags have often been designed purely with practicality in mind conflicting with the creativity and style that she would look to generate with the photos she was taking.Fed up with the situation she set out to design and create a range of bags and accessories. She wanted the range to enable people to take one bag, complimenting a stylish approach with specific design and protection for the camera.Fig Bags and accessories are vintage style camera satchels and camera straps, designed for those who are passionate about creating quality images and using quality goods. We share the same love and enthusiasm for photography as we do for ensuring that your bag compliments every situation, shoot and location you find yourself in.We have a commitment to only using high quality, premium leather, each hide is rigorously checked to ensure standards are maintained, each bag is handcrafted in England by a specialist and loving team.

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