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Meet The Maker - Kukena Naturals

It's time for another instalment of Meet The Maker! This week we are getting to know Kukena Naturals, creating unique candles using ethically sourced, high-quality natural, sustainable ingredients.

1. Who are you?

Hi, I’m Kate and I run Kukena Naturals, an ethical candle business based in Cornwall. I have used natural and sustainable ingredients to create a collection that’s inspired by my passion – surfing and the sea!

2. Where are you based?


3. What do you do?

I design and handmake soy and rapeseed wax candles.

4. How and when did it all start?

I first started making candles on the evenings and weekends whilst I was working in a corporate job in London. I wanted to create a business where I was in charge of my own destiny without the pressure of working in office environments. Candles for me are a key component in creating a relaxing atmosphere and I like creating unique container candles because when the candle is not lit, it is an interior piece in itself and when finished can also reused for other purposes.

5.Who is your favourite British musician/band to listen to whilst working?

I like listening to BBC Sounds or documentaries on YouTube whilst I’m working and broadening my mind on a new topic.

6. What is your favourite British film?

I generally prefer a series than a film and am a huge fan of The Inbetweeners!

7. Where is your favourite place to visit in the UK?

My favourite place in the UK is where I live, Cornwall and I particularly like finding rugged, untouched spots where there are waves breaking and very few crowds.

8. Thinking of British fiction, which fictional place would you most like to visit?

I wouldn’t mind a game of Quidditch at Hogwarts...

You can learn more about Kukena Naturals and shop their range here



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