Illuminate Now - Leaf Vein - Collection by Janet Watson Art Designs


From : Janet Watson Art Designs

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Created and designed by Janet Watson Art Designs - Illuminate Now 

Orignal Art

Beautiful and textured

Acrylic and mixed media

12 x 24 Inches

Deep box canvas over wood

Ready to hang on your wall

Certificate of Authenticity

Signed on the front 

    • Information: Janet Watson Art Designs

      Janet Watson Art Designs & Janet Watson Art "My art is my world, it is my passion. I've been a finalist for two awards including the "NoW Network - Woman of the Year" in February 2020, for my artwork. I have been creating art all my life and in 2013 decided to go professional. I create contemporary art, using acrylic & mixed media and sometimes with the use of real gold leaf and gold powder on canvas & wood. My inspiration comes from both my research science degrees studies in the earth, geology, ecology, weather & nature with the love for the countryside, seaside, sky, animals, wildlife, flowers & our earth shines out in my very different styles & collections. My artwork is for any wall in your home, lounge, fireplace, hall, dining room, landing & bedroom & businesses/offices. I have raised money for charity selling my limited edition poppy prints, helping raise over £5,000 for SSAFA The Armed Forces Charity for the Rugby Mayors Charity 2018. I've met our local MP and the CEO of the Hinckley and Rugby Building Society who over the last three years has my artwork in their window. I am an honorary member of Rotary Rugby Dunmore part of Rotary International. My three large owl artworks are in Dunchurch, Rugby infant school as I helped teach the children art for a day for the schools "90th" Birthday. My work can be seen and paid for in many cafes, shops, farm shops and galleries etc. in three counties in the UK as well as online on my website. My art is collected around the world: USA, New York, New York City, Alabama, Texas, Florida, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Norway, Ireland, & many places within the UK. My other website to check out: I do have two of each Janet Watson Art Designs & Janet Watson Art social media sites etc. for Facebook and Twitter etc. Thank you for taking the time to read and talk a look at my artwork and have a great day xx"

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