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UK Sourced kindling wood for igniting the best fire experience.

Kindling is the best material for starting a fire. Kindling enables the fire to get going because it’s small, dry and easily flammable. When the kindling is burning, it can ignite the larger pieces of wood in your wood fire stove.
Gain easy fire lightning experience with the premium kiln dried fire kindling sticks.
The UK sourced fire kindling sticks are made up of curated wood which is processed and dried for the best burning experience.
Use to light indoor and outdoor fires
– Wood burning stove and open fires
– Campfire and BBQ’s
– Pizza Oven and Grill

    • Information: British Renewable Fuels

      We at British Renewable Fuels (BRF) pride ourselves on providing our customers with the finest wood fuels available, sourced only from the UK sustainable forests (FSC).

      Offering products to fulfil all your wood burning needs. Whether you need fuel for burning on open fires, multi-fuel stoves, wood burners, chimeneas, pizza ovens or anything else, we have the product for you. 

      Our easy to navigate website and convenient delivery options makes for a simple, quick and efficient service. With the click of a button our team will begin processing your order.

      We are committed to supplying our customers with great value for money, high quality wood, whilst doing our bit to give something back. The alliance we have with The FSC (The Forest Stewardship Council) means that for every tree cut down, another is planted. Keeping our forests thriving is as important to us here at BRF as it is to you.

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