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Everyone knows us Brits love tea, so why not have it iced?

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My name is Archie, and I have been lucky enough to grow up in the midst of the first and only tea estate in the UK, where I have seen a few Camelia shrubs planted in the garden flourish into acres of bushes.

Now that these bushes are turning 21 (and incidentally so am I) I feel that it is time to start a new chapter by creating new drinking experiences and sharing my story.

R-chi uses natural British grown tea alongside British Manuka leaves to yield a refreshing and healthy tea-based soft drink to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

One of my desires from the very beginning was to create a distinctly British product, but what was more important is that it had to taste good. In fact, it had to taste incredible whilst at the same time maximising the natural, antioxidant packed health benefits of the leaves.
The long months of tasting and experimenting have yielded a range of drinks that I believe do just that. I am so excited to share R-chi with you, and hope you enjoy each sip as much as I do!

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British Made Tea

No.1 Earl Grey Inspired by the Cornish Countryside this quintessentially British tea is layered with blackcurrant and a hint of lemon for a citrus finish.

£12.00 / £24.00
British Made Tea

No.2 Manuka This blend is fresh, restorative and rejuvenating and will soon become your go-to afternoon pick-me-up.

£12.00 / £24.00
British Made Tea

Mixed Case Inspired by the British favourites, our unique flavours guarantee that you'll be hooked!

£12.00 / £24.00

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