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At Let's Buy British
Farmers Go Free

'Currently, the UK produces 60% of domestic food by value, part of which is exported, as the UK imports 46% of the food it consumes.' 

Changing dietary habits have found us Brits wanting access to foods that would naturally be out of season and, or not grown in the UK, leading to our domestic food production declining by 18%.

In recent years, farmers have also fallen victim to:

Changing legislation from Brexit

outbreaks of TB
and Bird Flu

The impact
of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Severe weather conditions due to Global Warming

All of which is making farmers' jobs harder than ever before.

Farming and agriculture is one of the most important parts of our economy, and recent political events show how important it is to be self-sufficient.

This is why at Let's Buy British, we are backing farmers by giving them a space to be found by more like-minded people who wish to buy fresh, local, seasonal produce.

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