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Beautiful products made by hand and personalised with engraving for all occasions.

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Woodn't you like something a bit more personal?

Prepare, slice & dice with our range of handmade chopping and serving boards all Made In Britain.

All products are made using food-safe materials and arrive with a free, small tub of rejuvenating board butter and well packed for the journey in recyclable packaging.


About Coopers Chopping Boards

Pandemic boredom - That's where it started

Just like many thousands of others I had more time available to mess about in the kitchen. The old cheap wooden chopping board fell to bits and the backup I found in the back of the store cupboard was plastic and not looking too clever.

Now coming from an arty background and having to give up my pottery and ceramics due to cancer diagnosis (since recovered)I started thinking.

With a husband who has so many skills when it comes to power tools and sharp things he could do the donkey work and I could complete the fine finishing and more sedate part of making my own chopping and prep boards for the kitchen.

And so it began

We and other family members were quite impressed with what we had made so I did all the research for the available timbers along with adhesives and treatments which are food safe to include in the making of chopping boards. Hubby put his 30 years of business experience into motion for sourcing the raw materials, equipment marketing and packaging materials  and I paid attention to sustainability and design - No more boredom

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Handcrafted in England
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Our great selection of boards are handmade in our workshop and personally finished by myself & hubby. We have tried & tested all of our products in our own home environment and are confident you will have endless years of use - that's why we put our name on them!

As with any wood product subjected to sharp objects, there will be wear and tear. When your board is looking a little tired then send it back to us and we will resurface it and bring it back to new without charge. All we ask is you pay for tra