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Back To Work Must Haves

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

As the kids head back to school, many of us across the country are preparing to head back to work - so who's to say you can't treat yourself to some new key pieces like the pupils? Whether you work in teaching or in the office, we have selected the key British-made must-haves to set you apart this autumn. Keep reading to get inspired!


First up we have two well worthy picks. There's nothing like that feeling when you buy a new pair of shoes, especially when they are made by skilled craftsmen. Coming in Nightfall Black and Chestnut Brown to suit your style, each pair features a heat pressed roman numeral emboss to the back quarter of the shoe inside and out, and a classic Goodyear welt. Made in Northampton, each pair are fully leather lined, allowing your feet to breathe but also keeping them dry in the wet weather.

We always believe that investing in your shoes is worth it, as they are on your feet which carry you for life! So if you aren't one for investing in yourself, here is where you should. Your feet will love you for it and so will you when you're turning heads!

Men's British Made Shoes

Now if you have a lengthy commute to work or are even away on business trips quite often, you know there's nothing worse than struggling to fit everything you need in a bag. Well, we have a solution for you! Say hello to the Thirty Six Holdall. It's a designer overnight bag for executive use, with a substantial 33-litre capacity suitable for trips of up to 36 hours – hence the name – and a ballistic nylon base to safely support the contents.

Each luxury holdall is fabricated from Yorkshire wool and built in Britain to a high standard, with generous interior storage and easy access to stow and retrieve items within. Its dimensions are compatible with most airline carry-on luggage limits and if that isn't enough to convince you, just look at this beauty in all of its glory! The design is super sleek and it will certainly take away the stress of packing from your daily commute. Just as an extra edition to really set yourself apart from the others, and of course to protect your laptop during your travels, there's a matching laptop sleeve. When it's matching, it's hard to say no!

British Made Luggage

Now there's nothing that will set you apart more than tailor made workwear. Have you ever owned anything that has been made to fit you perfectly? I know I haven't and I think about it all the time. I have always found it hard to find smart work trousers which fit correctly without bits of material bulging out in the wrong places. We are all made differently, so our clothes should be too.

We should all be able to buy beautifully fitting clothes made of the highest quality fabric. If we've got your attention, you're going to love the range of made to measure pieces which are timelessly stylish, that would form the basis of any capsule wardrobe. Once you have experienced having your clothes made to measure, you'll wear them more, and no doubt increase your body confidence. Plus experimenting all the new looks you can create with staple pieces is just an added bonus. That's a win win if you ask me!

British Made Women's Workwear

I don't know about you but as much as I do love typing things up, I love writing notes down with pen to paper first. If you're heading into any important meeting, you should have a trusty notepad in hand that you can refer to later. No one wants to be in trouble for forgetting that all important product launch date or that team lunch you were supposed to organise!

Pick up your favourite illustrated character, Camilla the Ostrich, Flamingos Flossy and Amber or Skyla the Kingfisher, on a beautiful luxury lined A5 hardback notebook to record those truly details. Or if the bright colours aren't your thing, then perhaps a black and white kaleidoscope style fish illustration is more up your street. The notebook also comes in the A5 size and is covered in this beautiful illustrated fabric.

British Made Notebooks

Talking of notes, you need somewhere to hold all of the most important ones so they are clear to see. As some work place motivation, we always love to place key dates and events, plus inspirational quotes and imagery which symbolises what we are doing and where we are headed each month, to help keep us on track.

A memo board is the perfect thing to display all of your cuttings and print outs on and what's even better is that they add some personality to your workspace. Our favourites for the new season have to be the Hares and the Llamas. They each bring a different kind of pop to any area they are placed in and what's better is that they come with d rings for easy hanging! You'll be one step closer to that inspirational work space you've been dreaming of.

British Made Memoboards

Don't waste time, head to our shop to pick up those trusty back to work must haves! Before you know it, it'll be September and you're starting the new season!


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