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BARKINGLY BRITISH - Pugalier of London The Luxury Dog Accessory Company

In Conversation with British designer of dog accessories – Pugalier of London

Sophie Sedgwick-Dwane is the designer behind the products.

British designed and made dog accessories - Pugalier of London

Can you tell us a bit more about your company?

At Pugalier of London, we believe that all dogs are treasured members of the family and as such, they deserve to be healthy, happy, and most importantly indulged in high-quality dog accessories. We are the home of British designer dog accessories and as a truly British brand and believe in British craftsmanship, so all our leather products are handcrafted here in England and designed by us. We know every dog deserves the best, so our top priority is creating products that are comfortable but also functional. We offer a luxurious look but with the confidence that the products are hard-wearing. We also think it is important to give back and we support Guide Dogs for the Blind.

British Made Leather Dog Harnesses

Who is your audience?

A love of dogs!! Our clients will most likely have a disposable income to spend on themselves and their dogs. They are looking for high-quality but stylish accessories. They are fashion conscious and want their dog to look as good as they do. They also want their dog to be comfortable in their accessories whilst looking pawsome. Creating something unique & special is important to us. We are stylish, fun, and like to add a timeless twist to our ranges.

How long have you been trading and what is the history of the company?

The business was started in 2019

Where do you find your inspiration for your products?

"MEET THE PUGALIER OF LONDON, OR COGNAC FOR SHORT" “She's the furball that inspired me to start Pugalier of London. When I started shopping for the necessary dog accessory products to spoil this little pup, I found I was often disappointed by the sizing, quality, and aesthetic nature - I wanted to change that!"

Our founder, Sophie designs all the products from scratch here in the UK and has a fantastic team based here in England to bring the products to life. All the leather products are hand-crafted down to the smallest detail. We craft products that are unique & special. We want to include style, colour, fun whilst adding a timeless twist – just like my dog’s character. It makes good sense to ‘buy once and buy well. So, by buying our products which are made in the UK our clients will be lowering their carbon footprint, saving essential skills, helping local economies and creating job opportunities.

Do you use social media to promote your business?

Yes, we do. Social media has become an integral part of any business and a great way to connect with people all over the world.


What are you looking to achieve in 2021?

We are looking to build on our foundations and help make our furry friends more pawsome than ever.

For more information about Pugalier of London please visit:


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