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Elan Skincare turns to crowdfunding for product development.

At Elan Skincare, we develop products that aim to improve women's overall wellbeing and have a positive impact on their mental health.

We are looking for a total of £ 5,000 to fund the launch of two skincare products that will lift your spirits and make you feel & look good.

The pandemic had a massive effect on all of us. In the early days of the Coronavirus lockdown, I felt unwell and sick with worry. To reduce the level of anxiety I felt, I worked on the new product range. I love product creation and enjoy immensely the development process. Working on new products became my mental escape. Feel worried or anxious more often? Are your overworked, trying to combine your work with housework and childcare? Are you a little more down than usual? Starting a self-care plan and incorporating a self-care ritual in your daily routine can help with stress relief. It can help you unwind, combat unwelcomed thoughts, bring more peace, joy, and happiness into your life. To find out how to participate - read the full article



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