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Welcome to Lynsey Johnstone Art

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

We would like to say a big welcome to one of our latest members. Lynsey offers beautiful floral artistry painted onto canvas and glassware.

On the big day you have to have a show- stopping spirit, but what is a spirit without some show-stopping glassware?!

These tumblers certainly take the limelight with their beautiful blue and violet hand- painted flowers. Not only will all of your friend be envious but they'll be happy when you gift them some also!

As she paints, Lynsey likes to create the texture effect of being surrounded by the landscape, adding depth to the scene. She loves to use the technique of flicking paint to create chaos of wild grown grass and flower stems, creating a contradicting scene of picturesque pandemonium. As well as heavily using acrylics to capture the beauty and depth of colours and shapes of flowers.

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