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10 British Skincare Products You Need To Step Up Your Lockdown Skincare Game.

One of the very few perks of lockdown is having the opportunity to live makeup-free. That coupled with less exposure to pollution on our daily commutes from bed to desk had us all expecting a skin glow-up.

However, the sad reality for many of us is regular breakouts, dark circles and dry patches. Dermatologist Dr Nina Bal says stress could be a leading factor of a number of our skin problems during these uncertain times. It’s important to factor in time for the things that make you feel good: physical exercise, your favourite hobby, or simply having a laugh with friends over a video call.

Once you feel like you’re settling into quarantine life and have got your stress levels under control, it’ll be time to reevaluate your skincare cupboard. We’ve rounded up our favourite British-made products to level up your skincare regime during lockdown.

1. Elan Skincare: Dream Couple - Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid Night Treatment

British Made Elan Skincare

Elan Skincare is a sublime blend of the finest, natural and organic ingredients, delivering results you can see and feel - and the combo their offering is quite simply a dream.

Whether your skin is oily, dry, or combination, you’re at risk of suffering from dehydrated skin. That’s where hyaluronic acid comes in. It can hold a thousand times its weight in water, and essentially acts as a sponge to boost hydration, leaving your skin plump and hydrated.

If you’re already on top of your skincare game, it’s likely that you’ve come across vitamin C serums. They’re hydrating, brightening, reduce redness, dark spots and promote collagen production. What’s not to love?

Buy Elan Skincare’s Dream Couple - Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid Night Treatment here.


2. Everyday Shea Butter Hand Cream from Kalinka

Made In Britain - Kalinkaskincare

Washing your hands for the duration of two Happy Birthdays multiple times a day has one downside: dry hands.

This luxury hand cream combines shea butter with glycerine and healing macadamia nut oil to protect, soften and moisturise.

Buy Kalinka Skincare’s Everyday Shea Butter Hand Cream here


3. Clean & Bright Morning Foaming Cleanser with Papaya, Orange and Bergamot

British made Organic House skincare

The papaya extract is a gentle enzyme peeling, natural ingredient that will remove old dead skin, unclog pores and brighten and soften the skin, making this product the perfect choice for your morning and nighttime cleanser.

Buy Organic House Skincare’s foaming skincare here.


4. Smooth & Fresh Foot Balm by Organic House

Let's Buy British - Foot Balm

Lockdown has provided the perfect opportunity for us to take care of the things we previously neglected - namely our feet. Kiss those dry and cracked heels goodbye with the help of Organic House’s Smooth & Fresh Foot Balm: the perfect combination of shea butter and rosehip oil to soften and soothe your skin.

Buy Smooth & Fresh Foot Balm by Organic House here.


5. Macaron Lip Balm by Cosmixology

British Lip Balm

Flavoured with essential oils and containing absolutely no chemicals or synthetic ingredients, Cosmixology’s Macaron Lip Balm will soften, moisturise and hydrate your lips, and leave you with an adorable jewellery container once it’s finished! A perfect gift for the little ones.

Order yours here to support this small, family-owned British cosmetics company.


6. Honey & Camelina Facial Exfoliator by Bee Good

We’re all in search of an exfoliator that can do its job without causing irritation. Bee Good’s natural exfoliator does exactly that: it exfoliates, hydrates and calms the skins with the use of milled lavender flowers, Wheatgerm oil, British propolis and camelina oil.

Buy yours here.


7. Enrich Day – Organic Moisturiser

Conscious Skincare’s rich and creamy moisturiser utlises organic avocado oil to reduce age related spots, nourish and soften your skin, and generally assist your face with the battles of modern life!

Find out more here.


8. Angel Eyes by Angela Langford

Treat the delicate skin around your eyes with Angela Langford’s Angel Eyes - a nourishing eye oil blending cooling cucumber, argan & rosehip to smooth and repair.

Find out more about Angela Langford’s Angel Eyes here.


9. Super Glow Mask - Watermelon and BHA by Votary

Lightweight and perfectly balanced to deliver luminosity, Votary’s Super Glow Mask is a brilliant answer to some of the tricky issues our skin faces: SPF, air conditioning, air travel and increased environmental pollution. Smooth 3-4 pumps across your face, leave for 5-10 minutes and voila - your skin will be silky smooth!

Buy yours here.


10. BYBI’s self-care bundles

Treat a loved one (or yourself!) to a customisable self-care bundle from BYIB. All products are formulated to optimise your skin health with 100% natural, vegan, potent ingredients. From highlighting beauty balms to hyaluronic acid facial sprays, there’s something to help all skin problems and keep us on top of our skincare game while we’re stuck indoors.

Customise your bundle here.

Contact: BeeGood - Concsious - Skincare - Votary - BYBI

Written by team member - Sam Cooper



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