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Storyteller delivers to China

TALESMITH Crafted Products are sending their first international order to China just weeks after launching.

We at Let's Buy British think there's a new print font to be learnt soon and we're just imagining how

(the story teller)Jamie will convert Shakespeare to Mandarin and Cantonese.

Best of luck to George with the typography!

Keep an eye here to see if Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai are next on the press.

China has reduced import tariffs on a range of goods to help promote spending and economic growth. Scotland's whisky producers have welcomed a cut in the import tariff from 10% to 5%, especially with an increasing demand up 45% to £27m in 2017.

With the wealthy middle class having a healthy budget, and Brexit around the corner, we can only see great things happening in the future - especially for luxury products.

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