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LUSH: British And Leading The Way

LUSH is a popular name in many households across Britain and the rest of the world. The founders, Mark Constantine and Liz Weir, originally came up with the concept of creating products with fresh natural ingredients in the 70’s, however 'LUSH' didn’t come to fruition until 95.

In the 80’s they became The Body Shop’s biggest supplier for over a decade, until The Body Shop decided to buy their product formulas and forbade Mark and Liz from opening a new shop for five years. They went on to create a company called Cosmetics-To-Go, where you could mail order your cosmetics. Although at first successful, the venture down spiralled when it went into administration and sold along with their product formulas once again.

In 95 Mark and Liz went back to their original concept, hand making cosmetics with fresh and natural ingredients in their little shop in Poole. They held a competition amongst their customers for a new company name and settled on the wonderful LUSH!

Since then they have gone on to open 900 stores in 49 countries. They have also donated millions to environmental, humanitarian and animal rights charities through the charity pot programme and lead the way in campaigning against animal testing.

Majority of their products are also ‘naked’, any packaging they use is 100% PCR to ‘avoid virgin plastic, reduce energy on bottle production and save bottles from landfills’. They have been using 100% PCR bottles since 2008, and have recently gone onto completely removing some packaging amongst some of the ranges such as their naked shower gels.

This comes as a shock as the news is currently filled with our war on plastic and businesses only just taking the ‘Plastics Pact’ pledge to reduce the use of packaging in the items they sell. LUSH are one of the market leaders in becoming the most eco friendly company and maybe more businesses should base themselves on LUSH’s ethos.

Here are our favourite products from LUSH right now!

1. The Olive Branch

This scent will certainly get you summer ready!

The Olive Branch Body Spray

"To add a little sunshine to your day, spritz all over with lemon and mandarin oils. Peace will come to all those who cloak themselves with the scents of bright bergamot and orange flower. Clear the dark clouds and let moods soar with this uplifting and refreshing body spray."

2. Think Pink

This has us dreaming of the 50's glamour, with ladies in their pink robes and feather slippers!

Think Pink Bath Bomb

"Think reels of fabulous fuchsia, think streams of rose-coloured ink, think ribbons of tonka-rich water, think Funny Face, Vogue, and think pink! Slip into something more fabulous: a core of sweet magenta that unfolds like fine fabric into a most stylish bathing experience. Softening cornflour and luxurious vanilla combine in clouds of fragrant foam - a sensual and softening embrace. Allow sunny caramel top notes to carry you away on an air of sophistication. Lie back, relax, and dream of Hollywood."

3. Blueberry Roulade

Violet, Blueberries, Smoothie! This just has us sold!

Blueberry Roulade Shower Smoothie

"Oompa loompa doom-pa-dee-do, this blueberry roulade is just the ticket for softly cleansed skin. Violet Beauregarde wouldn't be able to keep her hands off this succulent shower smoothie, packed with crushed fruits and creamy soya milk. A luxuriously soft soap filled with mineral-rich blueberries and rejuvinating essential oils. Grounding olibanum and sandalwood refresh mind and body with added osmanthus to infuse your shower with a rich floral perfume. Lather up all over the body to deliver all these wholesome ingredients to the skin. "

4. Don't Look At Me

Now this is really an all time favourite, we couldn't not include it!

Don't Look At Me Fresh Facemask

"Well, hello, don't be shy. I caught you looking at my rich, exfoliating texture, filled with nourishing murumuru butter. I saw you checking out my ground rice. Let me assure you that I'm all substance: they've packed me full of zingy lemon juice to tone your complexion, Tunisian neroli to brighten and organic silken tofu to soften you up in all the right ways. A dash of rice syrup and grapefruit oil will have you coming back for more of my scrubby, softening skincare goodness. Smooth a rich layer of this vibrant blue mask over the skin and allow it to sink in for 10-15 minutes before gently removing with fresh water."

5. Lullaby

This doesn't just leave us happy, it leaves our hair happy.

Lullaby Shampoo Bar

"The calming combination of chamomile, ground almonds and oat milk gently soothe the scalp. Raise the spirits with Tunisian sourced neroli oil, proven to aid the release of serotonin (the happy hormone)! Lavender oil and absolute relax and balance, ideal for children two years and up; pass over the hair once or work into a light lather in the hands first."

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