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Father's Day Gift Edit

We find buying for our dad is pretty difficult and we know a lot of other people end up being in the same position where Father's Day is approaching and you just can't think of a good present you haven't already gifted to him. It's okay, there's no need to panic, because this year you have us and we have curated a Father's Day gift edit to help you out!

Smith card range

We love the ‘Smith’ range from Talesmith and we’re sure you and your dad will too. There are a variety of hobbies/industries for you to choose from, so there will be no doubt one of them will speak your dad! Plus who doesn’t love themselves bigged up on a card.

Smith Car Range - £3.00

Talesmith - £3.00/ 4 for £10

*Please note if you are looking to purchase from Talesmith for Father’s day all orders must be placed by tomorrow to receive before the 17th of June.*

Amazaque And Welsh Slate Ring - Exotic African Wood And Dark Welsh Slate

This custom made ring features Amazaque wood from West Africa and brooding, dark slate from the Welsh hills inlay. The contrasting colours certainly make a statement and it will become your fathers favourite ring to wear. Each ring is also custom made so it will fit perfectly.

Amazaque And Welsh Slate Ring - Exotic African Wood And Dark Welsh Slate - £95

Ammonite Studio - £95.00

Turquoise Crab Cooks Gift Set

Is he a man of the kitchen/bbq and loves his seafood? Then he will love this crab illustrated set which includes an apron to save his clothes from spills, tea towel to wash up after and notebook for all of his recipes!

Turquoise Crab Cooks Gift Set - £38

Martha and Hepsie - £38.00

Our Family Rocks Frame

Pebble pictures have become a bit of a craze as of late so treat your pops to something different. Custom create your family into a pebble family and have it framed for his home. That way he can always show it off.

Our Family Rocks Frame - £15

We Love Frames - £15.00

African Blackwood Cigar Pen

Perhaps he’s a writer or a man of business and always using pens. This beautiful African Blackwood Cigar pen is perfect for special occasions such as signing autographs or singing off on a big deal. Plus the Cigar style pens are chunkier compared to standard biros so will fit in the hand without any complaints.

African Blackwood Cigar Pen - £30

Whitlock Wooden Designs - £30.00

Reward Chart Print For Dad

Dad’s can be pretty embarrassing at the best of times but what if there was a gift to encourage them to behave themselves when out in public. Well here it is folks, the reward chart where your dad has to earn a reward by not dad dancing, allow sweets for breakfast and lots of other fun things to save your embarrassment! Sounds to us it may be the best Father’s day gift.

Reward Chart Print For Dad - £23

A Few Home Truths - £23.00

Personalised Home History Print

If the jokey print isn’t quite yours and your dad’s relationship then this should certainly be a winner. The personalised home history print includes the real story behind the house they live in and makes a beautiful gift.

​Personalised Home History Print - £45

A Few Home Truths - £45.00

Men’s Skin Care Gift Box

We understand that our dad’s may have grown up in a generation where they didn’t have time for skincare and weren’t told how looking after their skin is important but that’s why you’re on hand to teach them. Gift them this lovely skincare gift box which you can personalise to them and their needs. You have a choice from Ava-j’s skincare line of moisturisers, eye cream, body butter, face scrub and body lotion spray and even better you can pick two, plus receive a free lip balm and it’s gift wrapped for you!

Men’s Skin Care Gift Box - £20

Ava-j - £20.00

Shakespeare Bookend

If they are a keen reader, instead of a book this year get them a beautiful book end to add to their wondrous display. The Shakespeare bookend is inscribed on one side with the titles of the great play-writes work, whilst the other side features his signature. If he isn’t much of a Shakespeare fan they also have other great options to choose from in the range.

Shakespeare Bookend - £25

Modern Souvenir Co - £25.00

Desk Lamp | Inspection Lamp Cage | Raw Steel

The industrial style is loved by many and can be found in restaurants, shops and peoples homes across the country. Honestly we aren’t surprised, we love it too. If your dad has been a fan and wanting to bring the style into his home then why not start him off with the Inspection Lamp. It’s grungy and grimey and would go perfectly in his workshop, dad den, kitchen, bathroom, you name it!

Desk Lamp | Inspection Lamp Cage | Raw Steel - £32.99

Vendimia Lighting Co - £32.99

Fyr Drenc | Single Malt 40%

If your dad is intrigued by odd sounding drinks and likes to try new things then a bottle of Fyr Drenc will put a smile on his face. What is it, you may ask! Well Wharf have described it as an Anglo-Saxon fire drink, yes fire! Sounds like a must try to us, even if he doesn’t like it, it’ll make a good talking point at parties!

Fyr Drenc | Single Malt 40% - £44.95

Wharf Distillery - £44.95

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