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Hot Weather and No Rain - What could be better.

Here at LBB HQ it's been nearly eight weeks without rain and a temperature above 21c somewhere in the UK daily since the start of June.

With Basking Sharks appearing in the small coves and harbours along with historical hidden landscapes appearing in our heat dried fields, we thought a little showcase of British Products for this extraordinary period of time would be welcomed.

Dual Use!

The trusted umbrella can be used as a sun shade too ya know not just for our usual rainy climate!!

The Italians like to dress their street with colourful umbrellas to offer tourists a little shade from the beating sun and give more colour to the environment.

There's a British family run umbrella manufacturer exporting worldwide with an online presence.

Their umbrellas are traditionally Lovingly made and hand crafted in their factory workshop in East London using traditional skills acquired over time since 1805.

Take a look here, we are sure there's a style just for you!

I'm not sure on the UV protection from the fabric used, however some shade is better than nothing...

Let's Buy British - Ince Umbrellas

Suffering from over exposure?

It can be easy to underestimate the strength of the sun when you're outside.

Take a look at our Health & Beauty collective section for the remedy.

Our selection for cleansing, toning and moisturising is all made right here under the banner of Made In Britain

Organic House, premium, exclusively Uk made brand of natural, organic, beautiful, effective products that are anti-inflammatory and anti-pollution - benefit all ages, men and women.

Free UK Delivery on all orders

"A British-made, luxurious, organic brand that particularly suits sensitive skin. Perfect for the mum who likes her beauty all natural."

Now We're Talking Of Hose Pipe Bans...

Maybe it's time to look forward and accept the climate is warming with the need to conserve water supplies in the future.

Check out Rainwater with garden systems designed to set above ground and just for the garden. The systems enable householders, small holders, greenhouse owners to collect, filter, store and pump rainwater to the point of use in the garden. Tanks from 800 litres to 10,000 litres to choose from. They're not just for gardens, there's a full catalogue of systems for integration into new builds for water efficiency.

Pssst - There's an offer on til end of August 2018 - see more

10% off 800 ltr wall tanks - applied at checkout

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