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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide: Bags Galore And Presents For Everyone

Following on from our Christmas Guide 'For Her, For Him and The Kids' yesterday, we are back to bless you with more greatness! You heard us right, more! British made just keeps giving and that's why you should gift something British made this year. In this guide we had to include a bag edit because who doesn't love a good bag?! We've also included a guide on gifts everyone will love no matter who you have to buy for this year, plus they don't break the bank! Let's jump right in!

Gift Guide: Bags, Bags, Bags

You may have seen the amazing 'Weekend Pack' featured in our guide 'for him' yesterday. If you haven't definitely check it out, and if you have and you loved it, you're also going to love this pack! The 'Commuter Pack' sets you up with all the luggage you'd need if, yes, you are commuting. Pretty self explanatory right? This is no ordinary set however, as both the backpack and laptop sleeve are made from the finest materials in the UK, with Yorkshire wool being a key component throughout.

The backpack comes with plenty of room for a laptop/tablet, notebooks and chargers, and to be honest we reckon we could totally fit a camera in there, with a couple of lenses and any other little bits you may need on a typical day. The laptop sleeve, made in the same beautiful way, can snuggly fit either a 13" or 15" MacBook/MacBook style laptop, to keep it protected whilst you are travelling about. This set won't only make you look like the coolest commuter or freelancer, but it will also keep you looking professional when meeting with clients. We think it should be called the "Close The Deal Set', as it ticks all the boxes in our minds and definitely will for any commuter or freelancer you're looking to buy for!

Both Barrels: Twelve Backpack

Both Barrels: Laptop Sleeve

This is a definite WOW moment! If they really want to stand out at the office then this 'Compact Briefcase' is certainly the way forward! Made from genuine decommissioned fire-hose and military grade parachute silk, they will be in need of a bucket of water to put out those flames of jealousy. This is certainly a head turner and they will be bragging about this one for hours as not only does it use reclaimed materials but also 50% of of profits go to The Fire Fighters Charity! Now that's a way to land yourself on the good list forever!

Elvis and Kresse: Compact Briecase

How beautiful is this bumbag? We never thought those words would truly come out of our mouths as bumbags are so '90's right? Wrong, they are back in true form and this one has a hidden identity. It not just a bumbag ladies and gents, no, it's a camera bag! It can be worn as a belt bag, cross body or clutch bag and is designed to safely hold a mirrorless camera, lens and personal goods. What's not to love about that?

Fig Bags: Bumbag

Gift Guide: Gifts For Them

Sherlock Holmes, ayyy? This may seem an odd gift at first, but truly think about it. If you have a book worm in the family or know a serious Sherlock Holmes fan, you have to gift them this amazing mini bust! We can just imagine the face of delight they'll pull when they open it and then think 'Well Where's Watson?!' but in all seriousness, he would fit perfectly amongst their book collections and take pride of place on any shelf.

Modern Souvenir Co: Sherlock Holmes Mini Bust

A personalised gift always goes down a treat and when it involves their pet, even better! If you've got some serious making up to do for last year or are just looking for something extra special, then a handmade, hand stamped keyring should be at the top of your gift buying list! There is a wonderful range to include everyone, even for those who don't have pets. This will definitely be something they cherish forever!

Oyster Catcher Creations: Personalised Doggy Keyring

If nothing else seems quite appropriate then you can't go wrong with a calendar for next year. This one is clearly set out and comes with a new beautiful illustration every month, which they could cut out and frame after completing 2019. It's a gift that helps you to be organised, it's beautiful and it just keeps giving, as they could keep those illustrations for themselves or gift them to someone else! Win, win!

Martha and Hepsie: 2019 Wall Calendar

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