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The ONLY British-based Washing Machine manufacturer.

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

The Big Boss of LBB hit a snag just before the Christmas holidays and it didn't sound good!

She launched into the office with a face of despair quoting "We're doomed" as if the world was ending, and of course, when the unsung hero of the household is in terminal spin towards the white goods heaven, she is usually right!


The beloved Turkish made clothing refresher had decided to make the noise equivalent to an F1 racing car and started moving around the utility room simulating a case of bad dad dancing. It was time to Buy British!


We hit the Let's Buy British Database and were horrified to learn we didn't have anyone and a quick search through the interweb via our best friend google turned up EBAC.

With their heritage in the dehumidifier, water cooler and air conditioner sectors, it seemed logical to design and manufacture one of the most important household appliances.

Now, this was going to be the first time buying a washing machine online and with us coming from a manufacturing and transport background, we threw our scepticism out the window with the old washer and went for it.

We wanted a British Brand!

The website was so easy to use and we selected the first one we came across / E-Care+ 7kg 1400 at under £430.

EEEEk I hear you say!

Yes, you can get a foreign one for under £200, but in the boss's experience they're spluttering at 2 years old and Ebac offer a 7-year warranty.


Simple - easy and quick.

We processed the order online and paid £25 for the disposal of the old machine and received a call from customer services giving a delivery day.

Here is where the scepticism steps in.

In the past, we have had the cheaper options delivered with the little scratch or tiny dent, and you just unpack it and stuff it into its working space saying, well there ya go, and put it to work.

Buy British Made washing machines

The delivery day arrives and the guys from DX (another British firm) wheel the machine up the driveway and into the utility area - load the old one and off they go - brilliant, on time on the day and just as everyone promised and not a mark on it!

Our experience of buying a British washing machine on-line from Ebac was perfect.

The machine really is built well and so quiet it reminded us the cooling fan on our desktop computer needs replacing. In fact, the noisiest part of the machine is the water filling stage.

Oh, and the door handle shouldn't cause a fire!

So after our wonderful experience, we definitely have to say that EBAC is Let's Buy British approved!

Points to consider:

  • It's British, read more about the Ebac Foundation.

  • Free 7 Year Warranty that covers both Parts and Labour

  • Free 60 day returns policy for that added peace of mind

  • 0% Finance Available with Deko with a 14-day cooling-off period where you can withdraw from the credit agreement after signing your documents.

6 models to choose from:

  1. E-Care+ 7kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine

  2. E Care + 8kg 1600 Spin Washing Machine

  3. E-Care + 9kg 1600 Spin Washing Machine

  4. E-Care + 7kg 1400 Spin Hot Fill Washing Machine

  5. E-Care + 8kg 1600 Spin Hot Fill Washing Machine

  6. E-Care + 9kg 1600 Spin Hot Fill Washing Machine ... Check out the range here

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1 Comment

Will definitely be coming for our next British washing machine!

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