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Exploring the Charm of Diddly Squat and Clarkson's Farm Season 3

Exploring the Charm of Diddly Squat and Clarkson's Farm Season Three

Jeremy Clarkson is indeed a polarizing figure. Often compared to Marmite, you either love him or you hate him. At Let's Buy British, we fall firmly into the camp of those who admire and appreciate Clarkson, particularly for his contributions to the world of motoring. However, what truly captured our hearts is his work on his very own farm, Diddly Squat.

Diddly Squat Visit

The Let's Buy British team embarked on a weekend excursion to the idyllic Cotswolds in March, blending work with pleasure in pursuit of research (stay tuned for more details on that!). With Mark's admiration for Jeremy Clarkson and his farm, and a few months to go until the long-awaited Clarkson's Farm Season 3 to be released, the team made an impromptu stop along the way.

Upon arrival, Mark and Sue were pleasantly surprised to see extensive work completed on the entrance and the car park. With how Season 2 finished, they had some reservations on whether they'd be able to park, let alone get a glimpse at the shop. But thankfully, Jeremy and the team had received approval for their permanent car park, making the trip more stress-free.

Despite its modest size, the farm shop boasted a well-curated selection of produce from the farm, as well as local artisans. Mark wasted no time in locating the coveted "bee juice" he had been seeking. Additionally, he and Sue seized the opportunity to pick up a pack of Hawkstone lager, to enjoy while viewing Clarkson's Farm Season 3 in the months to come.

Their brief stop at Clarkson's Farm served as a delightful prelude to their weekend adventure, offering a glimpse into the charm and character that have endeared the farm to fans far and wide.

The Branding

Before delving into the reviews, let's take a moment to appreciate the classic Jeremy Clarkson branding that has become synonymous with his persona. Phrases like 'cow juice', 'bee juice', 'sheeeepppsss', 'The best [insert anything] the world' and 'This smells like my burning log' (if you're not familiar with the alternative phrase, let your imagination fill in the blanks) are strewn across their products and online presence, and we can't help but love it.

Each time one of these phrases catches your eye, you can immediately hear Jeremy's voice in your head, reaffirming the sense of joy and humour he brings to everything he does.

But what truly captivates us is how these clever renames inject a sense of charm into otherwise ordinary products, making them all the more enticing. After years of hearing 'cow juice' and 'bee juice', the simplicity of milk and honey seems so mundane and dare we say it, a little boring.

We firmly believe that food shouldn't merely serve a functional purpose; it should be a source of enjoyment and excitement. So, why shouldn't brands that produce everyday products embrace creativity and inject some fun into their offerings?

Bee Juice and Hawkstone

Let's start with the "Bee Juice" - you can hear Jeremy saying it aloud just like Rowan Atkinson saying "Petrol Pump".

As for the honey itself, it's decent but not the best Mark has ever tasted, which is surprising considering the abundance of oilseed rape and wildflowers in the area. Upon opening, he noticed it started to solidify after about a week. However, a quick 20 seconds in the microwave (without the lid on, of course) easily remedied that issue.

The jar itself is well-branded, adorned with the usual witty quips from the man himself. Would Mark go out of his way to buy another two jars at the price charged by a national celebrity? Maybe not. However, he gave it a try, and unlike some other natural bee juices he's sampled, it didn't end up in the bin.

So what about the Hawkstone Lager?

We have to admit, that Sue and Hannah were a little apprehensive when it came to trying Hawkstone. After years of trying beers from across the globe, including craft beer, they knew there was a slim chance they'd enjoy it.

They prefer lighter beers that don't catch in your throat and leave that disgusting bitter taste behind. However, Hannah often finds herself resorting to shandies to attempt to dilute the harshness and make them enjoyable. And while Jeremy Clarkson could talk a good game, could his beer live up to the hype?

Turns out, they were pleasantly surprised. Hawkstone proved to be exceptionally smooth and refreshing, and we'd all go as far as to say, it stands out as the best light British beer we've had the pleasure of tasting. (Hawkstone certainly helped to deal with episodes 3 and 4 - if you know, you know.)

We can already envision many summer days spent leisurely sipping away on Hawkstone, and fortunately, we've already located a local stockist, ensuring a steady supply for those sunny afternoons ahead.

Clarkson's Farm Season Three

Where do we even start with Season 3? It was harrowing in so many ways. From the piggies to Gerald and so much in between, we have to admit there were more than a few teary eyes in the Let's Buy British team whilst watching this season.

Life is undeniably tough, and farming, in particular, presents its own unique set of challenges, and that's exactly what we love about Clarkson's Farm. It shows a genuine unpolished insight into the pressures and complexities of farming life, fostering a newfound appreciation and admiration for the unsung heroes who work tirelessly to feed our nation.

Farmers are the lifeblood of our country, yet they often don't receive the level of respect and recognition they deserve. The scene of Kaleb and Charlie entering No.10 certainly didn't go unnoticed...

Their task is formidable, considering the myriad of challenges they face, from the unpredictability of climate change and rising costs to bureaucratic hurdles erected by local councils and the perpetual pressure from supermarkets undercutting the value of their produce.

We may not have control over the weather, but unrealistic regulations and pricing structures can and should be adjusted to work in favour of farmers, not make their lives more difficult than they already are.

Season after season, Jeremy has highlighted the degree to which farmers need to diversify to pay the bills. Personally, we love the diversification as it means there are more ways we can support our farmers. 

However, the sheer magnitude of investment required to produce the basics was truly shocking and served as a stark reminder of the financial strain many farmers endure.

Despite these financial hurdles, farmers continue to innovate and diversify, exploring new ventures beyond traditional agriculture to sustain their livelihoods. Whether it's venturing into agri-tourism, artisanal food production, or renewable energy initiatives, diversification not only helps farmers stay afloat but also enriches local communities and economies.

As consumers, we have a role to play in supporting these diversification efforts by actively seeking out and championing products from local farms. And we want to make it easy for both parties to find each other right here on Let's Buy British!

We are championing farmers by providing them with a platform to connect with like-minded consumers seeking fresh, local, and seasonal produce. So, if you're a farmer or own a farm shop, sign up for free here!

Farmers Go Free


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