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Saying Hello: Nectar and Bumble

Nectar and Bumble

We are rolling over our theme of bees today and there is no better company to talk about other than the amazing Nectar and Bumble. If you haven't guessed, they're a company who produce all bee related products. Yes that's right, allllllll beeeeeeessss!Everyone loves bees, including us and Nectar and Bumble’s range really help satisfy the bee love.

The company was founded by Amber. She has a love and passion for these beautiful insects and strives to help save our bees by spreading the word far and wide. Her product range is enough to make you fall in love with our different species of bees, and entices you to learn more about these amazing creatures.

British Bees Print

A main feature we love are her facts she includes across her website about bees. They really help open our eyes to how important our bee friends are to our ecosystem, along with educating us on how they work, common species, how to help etc. As she is also a keen photographer she enjoys adding shots of bees in action to accompany the key information.

She also supports brands who donate to bee charities and conservations as well as, donating 10% of the companies profits to charities working on conservation projects such as the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and Friends of the Earth - the Bee Cause. So even if you don’t have time to look into helping to save our bees you are contributing by purchasing from Nectar and Bumble, which we think is a bee-utiful ethos!

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