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2018 Party Trends

Whether it’s a birthday party, hen do or another special celebration, you want the place looking like it’s party time. So let’s jump right in, here’s our favourite 2018 go to party decor!

One trend that is still kicking in the high leagues this year is marble and rose gold. We know many of you are over it but we are still totally in love! Combined with geometric shapes, you’ve got yourself some beautiful statement tableware that will make all your friends jel, plus you’ll never want to throw it away!

If you aren’t overly keen on the marble and rose gold, don’t worry - pastels are here to save the day! Pastel colours are always very on trend for Spring time but they also work really well for a range of events, especially if you’re aiming for a light and airy feel. Grab some tableware with geometric shapes and patterns, like these below, and you're on your way to going down as the best party of the year.

"Balloons are just a basic necessity, I can get them from anywhere", we don't think so. Yes your basic balloons will come in handy to add a splash of colour here and there but the balloon scene has really upped its game and we think everyone should get on board because it's great!

A major yes in our books are rose gold foil word and number balloons! You may have seen these beauties trending across instagram and for good reason, they really do add that extra something and they fit with so many different themes. For years we've had gold and silver but the rose gold has taken foil balloons to a whole new level and now everyone wants them at their parties, weddings and events. These are our go to, to add a classy touch.

If you don't fancy the foil word or number balloons there's a great alternative that you'll love just as much! Chrome balloons! Yes you have been able to get chrome balloons for some time, but this year they are really starting to come back in the picture. The metallic shine really adds a glamorous look to any room and they once again would work well for all events - especially if you want something a little extra! Pair them with a thick ribbon and foliage, depending on your theme, to help tie them into your surroundings. This really makes them look more expensive then they are and we love it!

Now cloud balloons have also been around for a few years now but you may start seeing more at parties. They are really versatile as you can have them in all different shapes, colours and sizes. From the general cloud formations to objects to animals, they can really be used as the focal point of your party. Link balloons or garland balloons are also great to decorate the space. We haven't seen lots yet this year, but we've still got plenty of time for them to really hit in. Like the cloud balloons they come in a range of colours and you can also combine them with clear confetti balloons - another major key trend to really add a different flair to your party.

The ones featured below actually come in kits from Hello Party. They contain everything you need to create your own installation or garland and your friends will be left thinking you're a master balloon genius!

Finally on our balloon journey are of course none other than marble balloons! We should have expected with the popularity of marble that this beautiful pattern would also be trending for balloons too. There are many reasons to love marble, one is that it varies in design and colour, meaning you can match them to your theme. We have completely fallen in love with the one pictured below from Hello Party. It reminds us of going to the fair or the circus, which are great party or wedding themes. They can also be used amongst other balloons for that extra 'pop' and to add an extra dimension.

You start as you wish to go on and the pretty details are continuing. Garlands used to be your standard Happy Birthday but now you can have literally whatever you like. From holographic words, to tassels to personalised garlands, you can truly customise them to suit your chosen them. All three are really on trend for parties right now and they really compliment everything we've spoken about so far, but they can also make it on their own.

They can add small details to help you have a consistent theme throughout but they can also be used as a focal point to display a key area of your party. A sweet cart or activity area for example. You can easily add the tassels to accompany word garlands or balloons to make them really stand out. Bunting, although you could add an arrangement of other details, we feel it speaks for itself. It usually is quite simple and sleek but clearly portrays the theme and this is why it is very popular for Spring/Summer parties and weddings.

Now we all used to just nip down to the local party shop and grab a foil banner with Happy "no." birthday all over it. Like everything else in the decoration scene, the game has changed. It is all about the personalised details to add to your party or wedding to really show off the important people.

Adding personalised decorations to specific areas really add an extra dimension to your theme. Once again they can become important focal points for guests but they also help to really show of the person or people they are there to celebrate. Combining these pieces with the rest of the details really show it's all about them. Let's be real who doesn't like to see someone's baby pictures or a poster about a couple love on their wedding day! Plus the watercolour flower theme, that is on point right now, really ties in well with pastels as you can see below!

All personalised prints show here are created and printed in the UK by Hello Party - we really do recommend you check them out as they can create pieces for all events!

Let's Buy British to help support the UK manufacturers!

All pictures provided by Hello Party

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