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Meet The Maker: Hamilton Frameworks

Hamilton Frameworks

We have a wide range of companies in our collective, from big to small, from fashion to leisure. However do we know who they are and what they’re all about? Buying consciously is becoming a more important thing amongst consumers. More and more people are trying to invest in their purchases, like Vivienne Westwood would say “Buy less, choose well, make it last”. This is why at Let’s Buy British we make it easy for you to find British made products, knowing they’re British made isn’t enough though. We want to know who made it and where, plus the story behind it all really adds to your buying experience. So here is the start of our meet the maker series and today we are looking at Hamilton Frameworks!

Who & When?

Tom created Hamilton Frameworks in 2015


Hamilton frameworks is a small independant custom bicycle builder who handcrafts steel and stainless steel bicycles in limited numbers. As well as building custom bikes they also handbuild every set of wheels that are fitted to each bike that leaves the workshop, they are happy to offer the service for anyone who is looking for a custom wheelset to be built.


A small workshop based in Hertfordshire.

Story behind the idea?

After growing increasingly frustrated with not being able to find what I wanted in a bike on the market and being told what I wanted in a frame couldn’t be done. I decided that with having 14 years experience in the cycle industry as a shop and race mechanic, my grandfather being a steel engineer and my father who was a welder it was time to venture in to building one that did.

How is it built to fit me?

At Hamilton we're happy to build your new bicycle using existing fitting numbers you've had from a bike fitter in the past or even use your current bike as a reference point. But if your looking to go down the full custom route and be professionally sized and fitted for your new bike we can happily help, we work exclusively with Dean Taylor at Fit-me-up to offer the best possible service.


I pride myself on attention to detail in every bicycle that leaves my workshop, from tubing selection and design through to fabrication and finishing the complete build everything is done in house so the final product is always to the highest standard.

To find out more about Hamilton Frameworks or to start your custom build journey head over to their website:

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