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The Royal Wedding Viewing Party!

It's just under a week away until we see our beloved Prince Harry marry Meghan Markle and of course we cannot wait! Anything to do with the royal family gives us Brits the excuse to be truly patriotic. We fly our flags high, get together with friends and family and watch on with the greatest respect and love for our royals. So obviously the royal wedding this week is no exception. Here's how to make your viewing party, the best:


Rustic weddings are totally in and we feel you could do a great British take on the theme for your party. Grab your wooden furniture, some white lace or crochet table cloths and other soft furnishings and simply add some beautiful red, white and blue bunting and some Union Jacks splashed around the place.


Why not also grab some golden frames and print off your favourite pictures of Harry and Meghan to show them off around your party area!

Comparison pictures always go down well too - place Diana & Charles, Will and Kate and a question mark in a frame and have your guests guess what style of dress Meghan will be wearing etc.


Peonies and Roses are amongst Meghan's favourite flowers and are rumoured to be key in their floral displays on the day. Pick up either or both to add that extra dimension.


Now the drinks you serve at your party are very important and as it's a special occasion champagne has to be on the cards! Fresh botanical style cocktails and iced tea will help add that hint of class and fit in the the couples theme for the big day.


Harry and Meghan have chosen a lemon and elderflower wedding cake which will be decorated with wild flowers - why not make your own?! Or make it easier and just order one in, it's up to you! For the rest of the menu a high tea would certainly impress your friends, even if you're going with classic British food it gives you the opportunity to make sausage rolls and pork pies look classy!

Diy Photobooth/Wall

Now everyone is going to want pictures on the big day. It is always lovely to look back at when royals got married and to see what you were doing on the day. Create a d-i-y photo booth or photo wall for everyone to get their pics.

Instagram #

You might as well have them brag about how great your party was, so if you are an Instagram fan go ahead and create a hashtag for everyone to show off all of those amazing pictures of the day.

Game Station

We all want to be entertained! Whilst waiting for the ceremony to begin have everyone cast predictions of the dress, flowers, pageboy's & flowergirl's etc and give a prize to the people who were right or the closest!

If you have young children attending, why not print of some pictures of the couple to be coloured in! It will keep them entertained and everyone will have a picture they can take home and frame from the day.

We hope you all have a wonderful day and don't forget to make it a truly spectacular British party with British made items - https:///

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