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Meet The Maker: Both Barrels

Seeing a brand name and what they make isn't enough anymore. We want to know what we are fully investing in when we buy an item from smaller brands, including British made. So here is the start of our Meet The Maker series, to help inform you of who the brands are within our collective. You can find out where they're based, when they started and even some interesting information about the creators behind the brands! So without further ado, we introduce you to Both Barrels!

Both Barrels: Twelve Backpack - Stealth Series

1. Who are you?

Both Barrels Supply Co. Ltd. Mat Booth.

2. Where are you based?


3. What do you do?

We design, develop & manufacture travel accessories here in The UK.

4. How and when did it all start?

We launched in November 2016 after roughly 12 months of development & perhaps 3 years of napkin sketches, phone notes & background musings. Everything we do is born out of insight in to business travel, changing dynamics & the will to create high quality, useful products. My own professional career in design started back in 2005 & I’ve taken the skills from those years spent learning from amazing people forwards in to this project.

Both Barrels: Credit Card Slip and Travel Wallet

5. Who is your favourite British musician/band to listen to whilst working?

The producer, Burial. One of my biggest influences in both design life & real life. Amazing soundscapes, incredible textures & almost impossible to replicate the sound. Truly seminal.

6. What is your favourite British film?

Four Lions

7. Where is your favourite place to visit in the UK?

Tough one! There’s a lot of inspiration in and around our city. If it’s not Manchester, the Peak District takes a lot of beating.

8. Thinking of British fiction, which fictional place would you most like to visit?

Probably Royston Vasey. A marvellously deranged place. Nice to visit, perhaps wouldn’t want to stay!

Both Barrels: Thirty Six Holdall

You can find out more about Both Barrels and view their range here: Shop

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