Bubbliciously cool Dr Zigs go more ‘green’ overall!

FLAT PACKED BOTTLES OF BUBBLES! This is hugely exciting and a great further step in reducing our carbon footprint. To celebrate August, our final summer month we’re launching Dr Zigs SCENTED BUBBLES !!! Your end of summer essentials kit includes the sweet smells of COCONUT, BERRY AND MELON and PEACH BLOSSOM

There are so many aspects of Dr Zigs that we work on to make positive a change – and lowering our Carbon footprint is right up there. It’s a constant part of our thought process, working out how not only we can make Dr Zigs more ‘green’ overall, but specifically how we can work towards lowering our impact on this precious world.

As you all know we’ve been working hard on our refill scheme, enrolling more and more zero waste shops, and manufacturing concentrates that require less water for shipping.

Now we have taken this one step further – and are introducing our new FLAT PACKED BOTTLES! This is hugely exciting and a great further step in reducing our carbon footprint. Basically, HALF A LITRE of Dr Zigs Giant Bubble Mix now fits in a small flat bottle that will fit through your letterbox!! How amazing is that??

So, simply by changing the shape and size of the bottle, we will be drastically reducing the carbon emissions caused by both packaging and shipping AND plastic content – and the best bit? It’s even more cost effective – so you get that fuzzy warm feel good feeling of buying a Made in UK eco, ethical and totally FUN toy that is LOW CARBON, LOW PLASTIC – and now will come with FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY through your letterbox!!

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