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COVID-19 Saviour? Three Wrens Distillery has the answer…

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Whilst we are all in lockdown, we deserve a pick me up, a well earned treat, a cheeky tipple, so how about a gin? Three Wrens Distillery has come up with the ultimate gin lovers saviour in these testing times; Three Wrens Rescue Box.

The box features 70cl Original Dry Gin, 70cl Apple Crumble Gin, 70cl Rhubarb Gin and all the paired mixers and garnishes you need to pretend you’re in a hip and trendy bar in Shoreditch.

You’ll also receive two Three Wrens gin glasses to get the ‘gin experience’


Obviously we can’t advocate having gin for breakfast, lunch and dinner (although this sounds like a great idea!) it has got some proven health benefits over other popular tipples.

Three Wrens Gin Distillery rescue box

Gin is one of the least calorie-heavy spirits you can choose and paired with a low-calorie mixer, it’s one of the better beverages you can sip if you’re watching your waistline during the lockdown. Do you find that alcohol bloats you? Switching to gin can help! Juniper berries which are used in the gin-making process act as a natural diuretic and aids digestion. Who knew that gin could be good for you?


Three Wrens Gin prides itself on authenticity, integrity and passion to create exceptional liquids for everyone to enjoy.

Three Wrens Dry Gin

Their dry gin is elegant, sophisticated and easy on the pallet with bursts of herbaceous citrus and soft vanilla, perfect over ice and a slice of pink grapefruit.


Three Wrens Rhubarb Gin

Their Rhubarb Gin is intense in flavour, using five kilos of real rhubarb in every batch, perfect with ginger ale and fresh raspberries.


Three Wrens Apple Crumble Gin

Their apple crumble gin is a world first and it’s got everyone here at Lets Buy British excited. It’s also won a gold medal at the World Gin Awards! The juniper shines through in the gin and is complimented by fresh apple, spices, demerara and toasted oats and is best paired with an elderflower tonic and a slice of fresh apple.

Three Wrens Gin Distillery Award Winner

Three Wren’s Gin based in Cheshire, is run by owner Nick who has spent 20 years in the drinks and spirits industry, so he definitely knows his stuff and his gin. So if you’re looking for something to get you through COVID-19 and lockdown, or you just want to try some award-winning UK made gin, then the Three Wrens Rescue Box is a winner and an ideal gift for any gin connoisseur.


Okay, can you pass us a glass now…

Written by team member - Chloe Martin



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