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Which cars are actually made in Britain.

With this being the first post of the blog I thought the subject of vehicles was a good one to start with. It's a "bloke" thing and I got to the start line of blogging before the pro blog writer did!

Now that the UK are to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel burning beasties in 2040, you must ask yourself how this will affect the future for the British car manufacturing industry.

Some interesting facts to start with, courtesy of the AA :

Apparently in 2016 there were more than 1.6 million cars produced here by over 30 different manufacturers, covering more than 70 different models with well over half of them being exported. We produced over 2 million engines too!

Ouch... now are we going to be quick off the mark to make electric motors I wonder?

Now there's a business opportunity, people. Just think of all the electricians needed to install specialist charge points into the average dwelling, and could we see a whole new reason for having solar panels on our roof tops to charge batteries in the garage and subsequently charge the cars overnight?

Now onto who makes what.

It seems there's only three British owned makers left.


Morgan make a series ranging from the three-wheeler to the Aero 8 using a variety of engines from a V-Twin to a V8.

Caterham Cars make a series of models all by hand and you can get one in a kit to build yourself (which I have previously had the pleasure of doing!).

McLaren's cars look the bees knees, and to be honest, there's not much point in saying anymore about them since most of us haven't got a suitable place to park it wrapped in the finest wool products.

All three of the above are of no use whatsoever to the average person with a family, but great before you do and after if the university chancellor hasn't ripped you off too much!


Onto the average car: the one that won't break the bank.

MINI (owned by BMW), built down in Oxford. And yes, as we all heard recently, it's going electric!

Honda Civic made in Swindon.

Toyota with its series of Auris (hybrid) and Avensis made in Burnaston.

Nissan making the 5 models in Sunderland: Juke, Qashqai, Note, Leaf and Infiniti Q30.

Let's not forget good ol' Vauxhall making the Astra in Ellesmere Port.

Now the more bigger budget motors.

Lotus (Malaysia-owned) is made in Hethel - Norfolk

Jaguar (India) is made in Birmingham

Land Rover (India) is made in Halewood and Solihull

Aston Martin is made in Gaydon.

Bentley (VW) is made in Crewe.

Rolls Royce made in Goodwood - could be VW or BMW owned depending on who bought the rights.

So there's the list.

I'm just pleased we still make a 3 Wheeler which has lasted longer than the Robin Reliant.

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