Top Ten Places To Visit In The UK

To start the ball rolling with our UK travel series we are looking to Tripadvisor. In particular their travellers choice awards for the top ten places to visit in the UK. Looking through the list there are the obvious ones, but also some you would maybe never have expected.

Thinking about the wonderful places in the UK if we had to choose only ten, it would be extremely hard. Many of our cities, towns, villages, national parks all have so much to offer. Whether they are historical sites of significance, spots of natural beauty or just a wonderful place, there is so much to love about the UK. So without further adieu, here’s the list of the top ten places to visit in the UK - see if you agree.

1. London, England

2. Edinburgh, Scotland

3. Liverpool, England

4. Jersey, Channel Islands

5. York, England

6. Glasgow, Scotland

7. Isle of Wight, England

8. Bath, England

9. Blackpool, England

10. Belfast, Ireland

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