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Meet The Maker: Tulip Tip

You know the drill, it's Meet The Maker Time! This week we are introducing you to Tulip Tip. They create unique homewares that feature British idioms and they are truly perfect for any home! Continue reading to learn more.

Meet The Maker: Tulip Tip

1. Who are you?

Tulip Tip Ltd is owned by husband and wife team Keith and Diane Horne

2. Where are you based?


3. What do you do?

Design and e-retail unique homewares.

4. How and when did it all start?

First idea was put on paper in 2011, but it has only come to fruition this year. The name, Tulip Tip stemmed from an oil painting our son had created for his A level art. The silliness of the range sprouted from our own strange brains.

Meet The Maker: Tulip Tip

5. Who is your favourite British musician/band to listen to whilst working?

Paul Weller

6. What is your favourite British film?

Based in Ealing - the Ealing comedies are high on the list. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels gets my vote as a modern addition.

7. Where is your favourite place to visit in the UK?


9. Thinking of British fiction, which fictional place would you most like to visit?

Lyra’s Oxford - Philip Pullman. Close to the real thing, but with menacing undertones.

Meet The Maker: Tulip Tip

You can find out more about Tulip Tip and view their range here

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