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Spring Into Summer Must Haves Pt.2 - Luggage and Homeware

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Today we are carrying on with our Spring Into Summer must haves! If you haven't read our first instalment you can do so here. We have looked at skincare to accessories and we are now delving into luggage and homeware. We love a new purse/wallet or bag that is lighter and maybe a little more chic to go with our outfits in the Summer months, but it still has to be practical. Plus there's nothing wrong with having a change in your furnishings to spruce up the place either, whether it's your home or office! Treat yourself and treat your home - which is basically treating yourself, but shhhh we won't tell if you don't! Continue reading to see our favourite picks for the season!


One of our favourite luggage makers right now has to be Josie Fay! They believe that things we use every day should be more than just functional. Josie aims to make the everyday essentials beautiful, tactile and a pleasure to carry. Using the finest quality British and Italian leather, all of her items are completely handmade and hand stitched.

Pink! Now ladies, we have to admit sometimes we're on the fence with pink. It's always pink for girls, blue for boys but I suppose we just have to ignore what society dictates and just embrace the colours that we love! Now Josie Fay's set of pink luggage has seriously found some fans - yes, us! Surely we don't have to explain why, but we're going to anyway. Her pieces are so beautifully made with gorgeous vegetable tanned leather meaning they will age gracefully. So you know all the times you scrape your bag across something and then panic there's a deep scratch in the leather? There's no need with this set as the leather mellows and softens any marks that happen with use. So fundamentally your piece, no matter which you may choose, will stay looking beautiful for years to come!

Josie Fay - Spring/Summer Must Haves

"Leaves" leather card wallet - £30.95,

"Leaves" leather passport cover - £41,

Large box bag - refer to website


You may have seen us sharing Both Barrels a lot but who doesn't love a great travel essential? Whether you're commuting or heading on a trip you have to be accompanied by any of there amazing pieces! They are stylish, unisex and extremely practical, plus they are made from quality materials such as triple bonded Yorkshire wool and even military grade cotton, meaning they will certainly stand the test of time! Both Barrels pieces are inspired and informed by over a decade of international business travel. The designs of their backpack, holdall, washbag and laptop sleeves equip you to meet and exceed the challenges of the everyday executive lifestyle.

For the Summer months we are opting for the Thirty Six Holdall - Stealth Series. It is a unique version of the wool holdall, built with olive green Danish army-issue camouflage that offers high tensile strength and excellent resistance to abrasion wear and tear. This means that it is perfect for travelling anywhere! Now many of us like to just take hand luggage these days, especially if you're flying in and out of the country quite often. It's easier and less time consuming, plus you have all of your belongings with you at all times. For local commutes or short weekends away in the UK, we definitely recommend the Twelve Backpack. It comes in the natural wool, stealth series or shadow series, so there's something to suit everyones taste. It has enough room for all of your daily essentials, such as laptop, camera, lenses etc and there's even pockets to keep items separated making them easier to retrieve.

Both Barrels - Spring/Summer Must Haves

Credit card Slip - £50,

Twelve Backpack - £230,

Thirty Six Holdall - Stealth Series - £250


If you haven't already seen Elvis and Kresse, then here they are! You honestly can't miss these beauties, they are bright, bold and each has been designed with great detail. Since 2005 they have been saving London's decommissioned fire-hose from landfill by, creating stunning lifestyle accessories from seemingly useless wastes and combining them with highly skilled, traditional craftsmanship. That's not all, 50% of profits from their Fire-hose Collection are donated to The Fire Fighters Charity, giving you even more reason to get behind this brand!

All three of these bags are perfect companions from Spring into Summer. They each have a reclaimed military-grade parachute silk lining to go with their beautiful exteriors. They are also extremely spacious, allowing you to pack your daily essentials or even your overnight must haves with ease. You also have the choice of having each bag in the fiery red or mellow yellow, so you can choose which is more you. Either will be massive head turners no matter where you go and will create many a conversation, so can we have them all please?

Elvis and Kresse - Spring/Summer Must Haves

Messenger Bag - £230,

Tooley Tote Mk ll - £240,

Overnight Bag - £250


Well hello there unique homeware! We love fun, quirky designs and that's exactly what Emily Smith are all about. It was on the family farm in the beautiful countryside of deepest Devon that Emily’s passion for painting was inspired by the animals and wildlife all around her. It wasn't long until she found herself being commissioned by locals to create pieces for them and so the brand Emily Smith was born.

All of her pieces are beautifully whimsical in design, which truly makes us fall in love with each and every one of them individually. The touch of names given to each character is a lovely addition as it gives the items and the characters upon them a hint of a back story. We have to say one of our favourites is the Elliott and Georgina Cup and Saucer. You may have seen us sharing this set many times and that is why. It's simple splashes of colour and giraffes charmingly placed side by side makes it the perfect combo for any tea party from spring to summer! Safari is a key trend in many industries currently, so this set is a definite must have! If giraffes aren't your cup of tea, there are other stunning characters to choose from such as Flossy and Amber the flamingos, just look at their gorgeous pink details! Finally if you're really wanting to add some flair to your breakfast/dinner table, you are in need of the Camilla jugs. They come in a range of sizes, so you can choose which suits your needs and then just wow any guest who comes over for a spot of tea!

Emily Smith - Spring/Summer Must Haves

Elliott & Georgina Cup and Saucer - £26.45,

Camilla Jugs - From £18.25,

Flossy & Amber Cup and Saucer - £26.45


Although we have been enjoying some really lovely weather, it can change in an instance in the UK and don't we know it! Romney Marsh Wools is a family business, using the fleeces from their own sheep on the family farm in Kent to create a wide range of woollen products and Lanolin based toiletries. It's wonderful to really see where the materials gone into the pieces we're buying actually come from and it's even better knowing the whole process is done by themselves.

Romney Marsh's woollen range features classic designs and natural colours which will compliment any home. We love keeping cosy, especially on those chilly Spring/Summer evenings. Whether you're having a movie night or sat with friends and family around the fire pit, a British Romney Wool Throw is a complete must! They come in a range of colours to suit your home and will easily make your guests jealous as they are extremely soft too. We also can't stand having cold feet, so these beautiful natural wool lined suede moccasins are definitely going in our basket! If you're looking for an easy going style on your feet which you can simply slip in and out of, these are the perfect match for you. Not only are they super comfy and soft but they are also stylish, plus they'll soon become your favourite thing on our cold British mornings!

Romney Marsh Wools - Spring/Summer Must Haves

Ladies Handmade Natural Wool Lined Suede Moccasins With Soft Sole - £38.90,

British Romney Wool Throw - Marsh Fern - £73.90


We've seen fun, quirky and whimsical but now we have fun, quirky and bold! If you are looking to seriously make a statement in your kitchen, then look no further. Tulip Tip's unique designs offer a hitherto unheard-of level for the misunderstanding of english idioms on everyday products. If you're tired of everything being white and bland, add that needed splash of colour, well not just colour, colour, but also linguistic colour.

We have to say the three items we've chosen are definitely our favourites but there are so many in the range to choose from, you'll find something that's suits your taste if these aren't quite you. 'Go Suck A Lemon' and 'I'm No Fool Raspberry' look sweet but have a sour message. Somedays just suck and you just need a mug that knows how you're feeling to help ward off any un-invited guests. Even when you're in a great mood however, they are a great talking point and a laugh. Whether you're planning to mix and max to have the range or want only one design, these will bring joy for years to come! We also have to recommend the 'Blah Bloody Blah Rhubarb' apron. We all experience the "chef" who stands back and picks on your cooking as you try to make a delicious meal for your family, but at least with this apron you are armed with the silent comeback. They may not know it's aimed at them, but you do!

Tulip Tip - Spring/Summer Must Haves

I'm No Fool Raspberry Mug - £15,

Go Suck A Lemon Mug - £15,

Blah Bloody Blah Rhubarb Apron - £24


Now if minimalistic is more your style, Si Scott have got you covered. Si Scott is a multi-award winning graphic designer and illustrator, who has produced his own beautifully designed homeware range. His experience in the industry and his love for nature has created something truly stunning. Every item he has designed is a functional piece of art for anyone making their house a home.

We have to say we were completely taken back by the beauty of each illustration. There's so much detail and exciting creative flair which makes each of Si Scott's pieces truly unique. The dragonfly mug has to be a clear favourite and a must have for the coming season due to the precise and intricate detailing placed into the design. As dragonflies move so quickly, we're lucky if they stop for a moment to allow us to study them. So it is fascinating for the insect to be illustrated in such fine detail. Also on the must have list is the bee mug and the seahorse tea towel. Now there are many designs we love but these are the ones that stood out to us the most. Each continue the theme of complex design and we completely love it! They will easily bring a creative flair to any home.

Si Scott - Spring/Summer Must Haves

Dragonfly Mug - £20,

Bee Mug - £20,

Seahorse Tea Towel - £15


Lastly but certainly not least is the wonderful Hannah Jacobs Designs. At Hannah Jacobs Designs they create handmade bespoke items to give your home that extra special touch. There are a range of pieces to choose from such as cushions and draught excluders, that you can easily fall in love with, but these three are our top picks.

If you're on the hunt for the perfect gift for new homeowners or even to just treat yourself, these should be at the top of your list to buy. All three are doorstops which are beautifully designed and handmade, adding a bit of fun and colour to any home. Our top pick from the mix is the spotted frog. He is so charming and comes in a couple of colours, brown and blue. If you're looking for that super quirky gift, he's your lucky winner. Next up is the blue and gold star owl which once again has a charm and will easily add character to any room. We think this one is perfect for kids and older owl lovers alike! Finally, if you're a travel bug or know one, the world map doorstop has to be in your home. The print slightly changes with each doorstop as it is handmade, meaning is completely different to everyone else's and is unique to your home and travel journey!

Hannah Jacobs Designs - Spring/Summer Must Haves

Navy and Gold Star Owl Doorstop - £20,

World Map Print Doorstop - £17,

Frog Doorstop - £20

For more Spring into Summer must haves, read part one here and also check out the rest of the site and our social platforms for more inspiration. Happy shopping!

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